Kamis, 27 September 2012

How To Crack PSP Version 6.60 within 2minutes and 7steps!!

 How To Play Games In Psp(6.60 version) From Memory Stick

Hai Friends Today I am Going To Show You How To crack psp 6.60.

*By Cracking You Can Play Games Directly From   memory stick*

 We Can Crack psp Within 7 Steps:-
Just Follow Me Friends

And Before The First Step You Have To Connect Your Psp To
System And After Connecting You Have To Format The Memory Stick

Step 1:- Downlode The File By Clicking Here
Step 2:- un Zip The FileS And Copy The Files To Psp Memory Stick
Step 3:- And Now You Have TO Unplug Your Psp
Step 4:-Restart YOur PSP And Now Open Your Games you can see File Like (Pro-update,Adhoc file transfer.Etc)
Step 5:-open Pro-Update And Press *(X) Again Press*(X) Un till It Becomes Restarted PLZ Wait For Its Restart....

Step 6:-When its Restarted Just open Adhoc file transfer If It Opens Its Done Yor psp Was Successfully cracked 
Step 7:-If U Want to Copy Games TO Psp Just Open Memory Stick In Pc
 and u Can See (ISO) Folder There Open It And U Can Copy The Games There Directly

 *(Important:-u Cannot See Games When The Pro update Is Deleted Or Not Installed....Even You Cannot See The Games For  Every Restart  So After Every Restart You have To Run Pro-update )*

You Can Downlode Games Form Here www.pspgamesspot.blogspot.in

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